May 21, 2019 in the Warren County, Pennsylvania Municipal Primary for:


May 21, 2019 in the Warren County, Pennsylvania Municipal Primary for:

Focus Areas

Commissioner Ben Kafferlin has a proven track record of getting things done in Warren County government. Tricia Durbin is an experienced fiscal officer with years of highly relevant experience in nonprofit and energy sector business.  Building on their experiences and achievements, Tricia and Ben, as a team, intend to focus on developing and continuously improving the following areas: 

Workforce Development & Post-Secondary Education

Community & Economic Development

Emergency Services & Law Enforcement

Human Services & Behavioral Health

Recreation & Tourism

Restorative Justice & Reform

Candidate Qualifications


Experienced Fiscal Officer

For the last twenty years, Tricia has served two significant employers in Warren. She has vast experience with fiscal management and budgeting.


Private & Public Sector Leadership

People in finance need to know more than just about the numbers – when you teach people accountability, they want to succeed. The financial departments are more about helping success of the company’s programs and people – if you help them succeed, financial rewards tend to follow.


Warren RDA, Human Services Center, West Central Job Partnership

For ten years, Tricia has served on the voluntary board of the Redevelopment Authority for the City of Warren, where she used an unbiased approach to the City, home owners, and developers, for the best interest of the community. She also supported leadership and provided job training for county residents, including literacy and basic job skills.



In addition to the RDA, Tricia also has served on many other boards and committees. She organizes and volunteers for many fundraiser such as the Kinzua Classic. She’s a regular volunteer for Zonta’s Bundle Up Days, taking needy children shopping for winter clothing, as well as their Lucky Numbers events.


Serving County Commissioner

Ben is serving his first term as Commissioner and, therefore, brings continuity and firsthand knowledge of all the job requirements.  



Ben is the only Commissioner in Warren County to ever earn the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania Certificate of Excellence in County Government. Furthermore, his degrees in government and economics are relevant to the job.


Connected for Advocacy

A natural networker, Ben knows many of the municipal government officials, and in 2015 was endorsed by the Republican elected officials representing Warren County, including Rep. Kathy Rapp, Sen. Scott Hutchinson, Congress Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson, Senator Pat Toomey and former Senator Rick Santorum, most of whom he counts as his close friends and counselors. 


Emergency Responder

As a first responder/firefighter, Ben can speak knowledgeably about the emergency services – one of the key areas of County operations. He is also certified in relevant areas of Incident Command and Emergency Operations, which is important as the Chairman Commissioner is in charge of large-scale incidents.

Get to know The Candidates


Tricia Durbin

Residence: City of Warren

Family: Wife to Rick, mother to Kelly and Heidi, grandmother to three Amelia, Tyler, and Carter

Employment: Pennsylvania General Energy Company

Previous Employment: Warren General Hospital, West Central Job Partnership, Human Services Center of Lawrence/Mercer, 

Education: Slippery Rock, BS/BA Accounting & English Literature

Standout Personality: Connector and Influencer 

Football Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

Religious Affiliation: Presbyterian

 Musical Skills: Pianist, former Organist 


Ben Kafferlin

Residence: Spring Creek Township

Family: Engaged to Miss Heidi Halcomb (Director of LoveINC of Warren County) to be married in March, 2019

Employment: Warren County Commissioner, Kafferlin Strategies LLC (Partner)

Previous Employment: Clapham Group, Sen. Rick Santorum, Americarb, Corry Contract

Education: Ashland University, BS/BA Political Science & Economics

Myers-Briggs: ENTJ

Football Team: Pittsburgh Steeler

Religious Affiliation: Presbyterian

Musical Skills: Cellist, Pianist, former Organist



Durbin's Boards & Organizations
  • Zonta Club of Warren
  • Family Services of Warren
  • Redevelopment Authority of Warren
  • Healthcare Finance Management Association
  • United Fund of Warren County
  • Council of Petroleum Accountant Societies
  • Hospice of Warren County
Kafferlin's Boards & Organizations
  • The Rouse Estate
  • Warren County Chamber of Business & Industry
  • Northwest Workforce Development Board
  • Northwest Regional Planning & Development Commission
  • Emergency Medical Services Council
  • Emergency Management Agency (LEPC)
  • Warren Salvation Army
  • Forest Warren Hi-Ed Council
  • Governing Board, Forest Warren Human Services
  • United Fund of Warren County
  • Spring  Creek Vol. Fire Dept
  • Doorkeepers Christian Outreach

Role of The County


Orchestrate Safety & Order

Equitably Enforce Laws & Restore Lawbreakers

Support the Underprivileged

Rejuvenate Community & Facilitate Economic Development

I believe the Warren County government seeks the common good and happiness of a growing, educated, and employed constituency, affording opportunity and upward mobility of our underprivileged, and peace, economic prosperity and administration of justice for all.

In short, our noble calling is to seek the peace, prosperity, justice and opportunity for all constituents.

Those of us tasked with governing have a solemn duty. The Commissioners are “the caretakers of a precious inheritance,” and we should carefully reform it to the present age, restoring what has been passed down while cultivating new programs to meet the needs of today’s communities.

- Ben Kafferlin

Commissioner Chairman, February 25, 2019


Our Best Days Are Ahead

Ben and Tricia believe that, despite Warren County’s challenges, our best days are ahead. Through leadership and teamwork, we can overcome the crises that face us – including, but not limited to, a pre-hospital care (EMS) crisis, a socioeconomic crisis, and a behavioral health crisis.
One of the primary ways we can succeed is by partner with non-government organizations. We especially believe in the power of nonprofits such as local churches. We also believe in incentives for contracted organizations to succeed by performance-based metrics. By bringing our business experience to the table, we will actually cut costs by fixing root problems, not just talk about “keeping costs down.”


Why We’re Running Together

Late in 2018, I came across a note I put on my calendar in early 2016. It was a reminder to myself entitled, “Why am I doing this?” When I wrote that note, I could see myself three years into the job, beat down, worn out and ready to give up. That note came at the...

Participatory Government

In some sense, today is the birthday of Warren County, Pennsylvania. Legislation was passed on March 16, 1819 to charter the County out of a neighboring county, taking full effect later that year. On the same day, James Madison was celebrating his 68th birthday. He...

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